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The Sugar Maple Tree produces a steady stream of fluids that contains a high concentration of edible sugars. Sugar Maple Trees are native trees that are very cold hardy and easily survive sub-zero temperatures. One of the largest native American shade trees is the Sugar Maple tree that can grow over 100 feet in height, and the green leaves are very large in size, growing up to 8 inches wide with 5 lobes. The spectrum of fall leaf color change is wide and dramatic and can proceed from a yellow into an orange, and then can be transformed into a red-orange glowing so brightly that the light reflected will illuminate the neighboring shade trees. The cold hardiness of this native American tree extends to the most Northern States of Minnesota, Wisconsin and persists down to Georgia and then to Arkansas.

• The wood of the Sugar Maple tree is very dense and is used in making baseball bats, hardwood floors, high quality furniture, pool (billiard) sticks and many musical instruments such as the violin are made from Sugar Maple wood. Sugar Maple trees are excellent shade trees with dazzling fall color, but most famous for their production of a sap that can be collected by dripping into a container attached to a prepared gash in the tree trunk. The flowers of the Sugar Maple Tree do not mature into two ripened seed until the Fall, where the two seeded fruit is attached to two wings that have a U shape and are then dispersed into the forest to grow into seedling Sugar Maple Trees.

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