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Florida Maple Tree

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Maple Trees are well known in the Northern States for their fall leaf coloration and their prolific production of table-sugar and maple syrup. As a native United States occurring shade tree, the Florida Maple tree can be found growing in Southern forests from Virginia and southwards and extending as far south as Florida, and also the Southern Sugar maple tree is found in scattered colonies from Arkansas to Texas. This maple tree grows smaller in size than the Northern sugar maple trees, and the leaf size is also smaller by about 30%. During the early spring the blue-green colored leaves emerge from unfolding buds - a distinctive feature that consistently always is the important defining characteristic of this colorful shade tree.

• The Bark of the Florida Maple tree is light grey in color, and as it matures furrows grow deep into the trunk. Very few southerners grow shade trees that show bright fall colors, but the Florida Maple is a great choice for brilliant fall displays of bright Orange and Red leaf color. The Florida Maple Tree is a rapid growing tree that provides a dramatic color change during the fall for residents of the Deep South.

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