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Black Locust Tree

Black Locust Tree


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A Black Locust Tree grows to approximately 30 ft tall and provides excellent cover and erosion control, and an abundance of seed for quail, turkey, grouse, pheasant, and song birds. You will find many game birds roosting in the branches of the Black Locust Tree. The Black Locust tree is a member of the Pea family which produces large dark seedpods which hang and provide food for wildlife from autumn to early spring when vegetation becomes scarce. The leaves and bark of the Black Locust are toxic, adding yet another deterrent to predators. This Wildlife Tree's bark will peel as it grows, which some animals are attracted to as a delicious treat to eat, and it is a tough tree that can be grown beside roads and streets.

  • White Flowering Black Locust
  • Black Locust Tree for Shade

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