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USDA , zones 4, 5, and 6, in the State of Illinois are fertile growing areas in a great gardening State. It is important to know which USDA zone that your city is located in, but it is also important to know what your best soil profile to grow trees in. is There are two main soil types that make up about 3 million acres of the Illinois State. The first soil type that is a poorly draining prairie soil known as Drummer. The State of Illinois occupies about 1.6 million acres. The second soil type is a moderately well drained soil named as Tama, and this soil makes up 1.4 million acres. Your local extension agent will be happy to help you to determine which type of soil that you have. Once you have this information, you can begin choosing which kind of fruit tree, nut trees and shade tree is best for you in IL. Illinois gardeners need to know that the plants or trees that they buy to grow will live during the serious winter cold that comes some years. Selecting the proper tree that will survive cold temperatures is important, because if the tree is not cold hardy it will be damaged or killed by the frigid ice and snow. Most gardeners want to produce a crop of fruit or berries or to provide shade from a tree as fast as possible, so that he may choose to plant a large tree or to plant a fast growing tree, and that sounds reasonable. There is a problem with planting a fast growing tree, and that means that if the plant cellular growth is really very fast growing, the tree cells will not generate large enough quantities of lignin or cellulose that is deposited in the cell wall, and that the tree will be damaged or killed by the lack of insulation from the tree cell walls. It is often better to plant a slow growing tree that will be more likely to survive a sudden temperature drop. For the cold zone 4 area of IL, The Red Maple tree, the Weeping Willow tree and the Oak tree would all be excellent choices to grow. For zone 5 and 6 in the USDA map for Illinois, The Ginkgo tree, the Bald Cypress tree and the Sycamore trees will all produce good shade and fall color. Tulip Poplar trees, Catalpa trees and the Loblolly Pine tree (zone 6) are fast growing shade trees, and the Loblolly Pine trees are often planted in rows as a fast growing privacy fence. Illinois shade trees should be planted on the Eastern or Western side of a building for maximum shade that will reduce your electric bill. Shade trees will also reduce erosion and increase the value of your property.

Illinois's State tree is the Quercus alba , commonly called the White Oak, and the White Oak tree produces bushels of wildlife animal acorn food in the fall. The Sawtooth oak tree is a fast growing tree that can produce acorns in as little as 5 years, and the gobbler oak tree produces the perfect size acorn that is small enough for turkey to eat. The State flower is the Illinois native violet, and the State grass is the Big Blue stem. The White Oak tree is a very large Oak in Springfield, IL., and the tree that is vigorous in the IL climate. .The White Oak can grow upwards of 60 feet tall, which will provide excellent shade for your new home or landscape garden and reduce your air-conditioning bill dramatically..

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Illinois is a great location for fruit tree orchards or for plant enthusiasts to who cultivate fruit trees in Illinois. Most fruit trees not only have strict pollination requirements, but they also must have a certain number of chill hours (hours below 40 o F), but in Illinois, your fruit trees need not suffer from the lack of knowledge. It does not matter, if you live in Chicago, Springfield, or Peoria IL, you can still grow fruit trees with ease and save your family money on fresh fruits, if you call Ty Ty Nursery when you get ready to order, or if you want to get pollination requirements or planting instructions.

Illinois Apple trees are a great choice to grow. The most popular apple tree cultivars for Illinois that Ty Ty Nursery carries are Jonathon, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious Apple trees. Remember you need to plant two separate trees for proper cross pollination, and our friendly professionals are waiting to answer your questions. Please refer to our Apple Tree section for more information, pictures and videos, for planning your Illinois apple tree home orchard.No matter where you live, everyone wants to grow a cherry tree, and IL is no different. Cherry trees not only have delicious fruit, but the trees also have gorgeous spring flowers. Get the best bang for you buck by planting sweet or sour cherry trees. Not only is the cherry tree a fast growing fruit tree, but the cherry tree is also a beautiful flowering tree as well. When freshly picked, Bing cherries are great for in season eating, baking pies, or serving on top of ice cream as a dessert. The peach tree, Pear trees, and Plums trees, and the Illinois native Paw Paw trees are reliable fruit producing trees, that are also disease and pest resistant. For great tasting ripe peaches plant a semi-dwarf Reliance peach in you backyard and get fruit the first year, when you decide to buy a bearing size, peach trees from Ty Ty Nursery. Call toll free 1-888-758-2252 to order your cold hardy Apricot tree and Nectarine tree today, or you can order conveniently on our secure shopping cart online. The internet celebrated plant, the "Chicago Hardy Fig Tree" under the proper mulching has survived many winters in snow and ice storms, even the terrible frigid winter of 2014.

For wildlife animals, fruit trees are important in feeding that trophy deer and game birds. Wildlife pear trees and native American persimmon trees produce aromatic fruit that attracts deer and birds in the fall when the persimmons and pears ripen. Chickasaw plum trees, red mulberry trees and the wild seedling crabapple trees produce ripe fruit during the summer. Elderberry plants and the strawberry bushes are excellent wildlife berry attractants for deer and all kinds of game birds. The seedling hardy pecan trees, hickory nut trees and American chestnut trees all produce nuts in the fall that attract birds and deer. The autumn olive tree and blackberry (dewberry) plants are thorny and the thorns protect the game birds from predators, while the birds eat the berries.

Everyone loves a great tasting Georgia Pecan kernels, and now with the introduction of the Northern James Pecan, Illinois's Gardeners can love these same pecan treats that you can grow in your own pecan tree orchard. Normally, nut trees such as a pecan tree must mature to 8 years old to produce nuts, but Ty Ty Nursery has offered Illinois Pecan trees that can produce the first year in IL, if you buy a large enough bearing size nut tree. The American black walnut tree and the American filbert tree are very good nut producers in the fall, and the Chinese chestnut tree is cold hardy in all usda zones in IL.

Find Fruit, berry and nut tree tips that are not the only fruit producing plants to choose from, but you can get the best high quality information and high quality reviews on how to purchase plants on the Ty Ty Nursery website. Cold tolerant raspberry and blackberry bushes can be easily grown and maintained for fresh berry production for years to come. Planting grape vines in IL is also a wonderful idea because of the adaptability of grapevines to cool climates. No matter, if you own a vineyard, or if you are simply looking to experiment and produce you own backyard wine, you can buy your own producing Illinois grape vines from the Ty Ty Nursery professional staff.

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Every Illinois pool or patio landscape needs that tropical look that can only be achieved in Florida, right? Wrong, Ty Ty Nursery offers Northern, cold hardy palm trees that have survived temperatures well below zero. The Windmill Palm Tree and the Needle Palm Trees are the two most cold hardy palm trees, and both will survive the cold and harsh Illinois winters with no problem of 20 degrees F below zero. . It is simple, just order your cold hardy windmill palm trees today and Ty Ty Nursery ships tomorrow.

Ty Ty Nursery offers one of the largest selections online of Oak trees, Maple tree, and Pine tree that will help shade and cool your house during those warm summer months that are best growing in the shade. Some other excellent, native Illinois trees would be Sweet Gum, Sassafras and Corkscrew Willow Trees. The Lombardy poplar tree is a very fast growing shade tree and can reach over 8 feet of new growth the first year of transplanting. The Sour Wood tree produces a panorama of colors in the fall; and the Ginkgo tree matures into a brilliant yellow leaf color. The Green Ash tree is one of the fastest growing trees and will grow well in all areas and soil profiles in Illinois.

If you are tired of not having the most colorful yard on the block, then brighten your IL landscape with the fastest growing Flowering trees from Ty Ty Nursery. You can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood by planting the best Japanese flowering cherry trees like the pink Japanese Kwanzan and white Yoshino flowering cherry tree. white, red and pink dogwood trees, and native Redbud trees herald in the spring and the white Aristocrat pear tree is loaded down with a canopy of fluffy flowers in the spring, or if you like red or pink flowering trees plant the red leaf Thundercloud plum tree for a summer show of red. Crape myrtle plants are long blooming shrubs and blooms that flower for several months in succession. The Japanese saucer pink Magnolia trees produce giant head size fragrant flowers in the early spring, that follow up with bright leaf color in the fall.

Illinois bamboo plants are cold hardy and can survive temperatures from Springfield to Chicago of minus -20 degrees F. Clumping bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and Illinois homes can enjoy the privacy screen of bamboo plants growing rapidly into a noise barrier that blocks not only intruders but covers the ground to stop soil erosion. The bamboo stalks or poles can be blue, yellow or black in color, and the dense woody culms (stems) form beautiful background specimens in the landscape. Call Ty Ty Bamboo Nursery ( to order your bamboo plants that can be rapidly shipped to you all during the year.

Good news for gardeners and plant lovers in Illinois: Yucca trees can survive winter cold temperatures in all landscapes except in zone 4. The evergreen Joshua Tree, Yucca brevifolia is a unique drought resistant ornamental plant that is armed with thin linear leaves with sharp points. The Spanish Bayonet, Yucca gloriosa can grow to 16 feet tall like the Yucca rostrata and the Red Yucca that has a red leaf color change in the cold winter temperatures. The Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard' is variegated with leaves that are bisected with brilliant creamy stripes. Yucca trees are very cold hardy and require no care or attention. Fertilization is unnecessary and the thick fleshy leaves are water storehouses. The native American plant called the 'Century Plant', Agave americana and the variegated striped form called, Agave americana 'Marginata' should be grown as containerized dish garden plants. The Agave tequilana plant grows thick leaves that are filled with a very sweet juice that is fermented into an alcoholic beverage, 'tequila' Another agave that can be containerized is the spineless Agave attenuata. The first aid plant, Aloe vera is excellent to use as a healing leaf juice to cure fire ant bites, insect stings and skin wounds or flesh burns.

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For your easy browsing convenience, please check out our plant and fruit trees videos. If you have any unanswered questions, simply pick up the phone at call 1-888-759-2252. There are two simple ways to order from Ty Ty Nursery; the first over the phone with one of Ty Ty's knowledgeable staff members, and the second way is online on our secure shopping cart. Ty Ty Nursery does extend a full 1 year guarantee on all plants that are offered. All deciduous trees that are shipped to Illinois must be dormant, except for evergreen trees such as: palm trees, pine trees, and olive trees that are shipped by Ty Ty Nursery year round. Plants and Trees make the perfect gift for any occasion, because they tend to bear fruit for many years to come. Show your family and friends how much you really care and send them an Illinois plant gift certificate from Ty Ty Nursery. If you buy today we will promptly mail your gift certificate tomorrow.