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Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees were treasured as a valuable fruit tree in the ancient civilizations, and the mulberries were collected for feeding families, fattening livestock and for feeding wildlife animals. Basically there are 3 color types of mulberries, black (Morus nigra), red (Morus rubrum) and the white (Morus alba), each type producing edible berries.

Black Beauty Mulberry tree Black Beauty Seedling Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 3-10

Dwarf Shah Reza Mulberry Tree Dwarf Shah Reza Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Gelato Red Mulberry Tree Gelato Red Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Improved Bachuus Noir Black Mulberry Tree Improved Bachuus Noir Black Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Mystic Red Mulberry Tree Mystic Red Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 4-10

Pakistan Mulberry Tree Pakistan Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 5-8

Persian Mulberry Tree Persian Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 4-11

Superberry Black Mulberry Tree Superberry Black Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Turkeyi Mulberry Tree Turkeyi Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 3-9

Whitey White Mulberry Tree Whitey White Mulberry Tree

USDA Zones 6-11

  • Black, White & Red Mulberry Trees
    The Mulberry Tree is one of the fastest growing shade trees in America, growing as much as 10 feet in a single year. The fast growing characteristic is due primarily to the huge sized leaves and the vigorous root system
  • Mulberry Tree Video, Etc.Trees
    Persian mulberry trees are exceptional hybrids that are grafted to a rootstock that dwarfs the tree to make the mulberries more accessible to eat. These berries appear usually before the leaves in crowded black clusters. Persian mulberries are delicious to eat when ripened on the tree with a pleasant balance of acid and sweetness, a noticeable flavor improvement over the wild seedling types. The large green heart shaped leaves provide a cooling shade near a patio during the summer heat surge
  • Persian Black Mulberry Trees
    The Mulberry tree is a very curious and unique tree.The Fruit from the Mulberry Trees are similar in appearance to an elongated blackberry or raspberry and have a sweet flavor.