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The Loquat tree is a rare fruit tree which flowers in fall or winter and fruits in April to May. The loquat trees fruit is small, round orange and sweet.Loquat trees usually grow to 10' but can reach 20'. Loquat trees are very easy evergreens to grow, but fruit yield can vary from year, especially with extreme temperatures.A basket of Loquat fruit can be picked from a tree beginning in May before the birds descent upon the delicious fruit,as it matures its yellow to orange fruit that ripens in March and April, much earlier than most other fruit trees. Some loquat trees will partially self pollinate but all benefit from a second pollinator plant.

  • Rare Japanese Plum Tree
  • Planting a Loquat Tree
  • Loquat Tree
  • Evergreen Loquat ETC

• Slices of fresh or pickled loquats are brightly colored and often used to decorate desserts with chocolate puddings and other brightly pictured fruits or berries. Planted as an evergreen landscape tree the loquat tree provides shade in the Summer to patios and fresh fruit for easy picking in the early Spring. Try serving fresh loquats at parties or pickle or preserve them to put on a Thanksgiving banquet table. From a distance the evergreen Loquat tree appears silver-green in color and the dense leaves will cut down on traffic noise and filter out automobile fumes acting as a privacy screen. Loquats are highly resistant to disease and insect damage. The Loquat tree is popular as an ornamental specimen, and the fruit offers several health benefits. Some describe the tangy taste of the Loquat as a blend of plum, pineapple and apricot. Loquat trees grow almost anywhere in the United States, but produce fruit is southern areas where its a tropical climate.

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