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Nutra Pro (16-16-16) 1st Year Fertilizer Pack

Nutra Pro (16-16-16) 1st Year Fertilizer Pack

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• Looking to increase survival rate, branching, growth rate, and fruit yields? Nutra Pro 16-16-16 is the perfect low cost effective fertilizing and feeding solution for your new fruit tree, nut tree, grape vine, or berry plant addition in to your home orchard. Simply bury the packet of growth increasing ingredients and you will have 12 months of the perfect amount of slow release plant food being dispersed directly to the roots. No longer will you have measure out the amount, worry about over or under fertilizing, or remembering to repeat every 3 months as you will have consistent perfect fertilizing for 12 months.

If you are using for a fruit trees, nut trees, or grape vines you will need 1 packet for a tree up to 1" in caliper size. Once you reach 1" caliper then you will need 2 packets per an 1" caliper. Plant the packet approx 6 inches to 8 inches in the ground about 1 foot away from the trunk for optimal results. If you are using more than one packet make sure to plant evenly around the tree for even feeding.

If you are using for raspberry or blackberry plants you can use one packet per three plants buried directly in the middle of all the plants. For blueberry plants you can use 2 per one plant until they reach maturity then you will want to use more than 1 packet.