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The Sassafras Tree usually has better success if its saplings are container-grown, and it grows to a tall, beautiful native tree that grows anywhere from 30-60 ft. tall. The roots of the Sassafras Tree were considered to be medicinal cures for many diseases, and in many cases caused the patients to get highs that are normally associated with alcohol and drugs; many soldiers reported experiencing hallucinations. Today, products containing safrole are regulated by the FDA because of liver complications caused by high concentrations.

• The Sassafras Tree is an odd shade tree which actually has three different leaf structure on a single plant. Sassafras trees have single, double or triple lobed leaves that exude a fragrant, citrus-like scent and the Sassafras roots contain safrole, a chemical once widely used in soaps, perfumes and cooking. The Sassafras Tree is known for its fragrant parts, including the roots.

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