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Ty Ty Nursery Gift Certificate


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Gift Certificate For Flowering Bulb, Berry Plant, Fruit Tree, Nut Tree, and Shade Tree Gifts and Presents

Gift Certificates Are A Delight To A Dedicated Gardener. Gift certificates retain no cash value and are non-refundable; only redeemable for nursery plants and shipping costs. In some cases, additional shipping may be required.

Gift certificates can be sent by mail on the date that you wish. A gift certificate is important for two very important reasons. First, the person who receives the gift certificate will cherish the thoughtfulness of your remembering and honoring an important occasion or holiday. Second, you can easily solve the problem of what to give, because a gift certificate will enable your loved ones to pick out exactly what they want to receive and plant, whether or not the gift is a flowers bulb, a tree or a shrub. Your loved one can choose exactly the plants that they want from the vast inventory listed on the The TyTy Nursery website. The person who receives your gift will think of you, the giver, when the amaryllis bulb flowers appear on the flower stalk, or as the peach harvest is gathered from the fruit tree, or as the giant oak tree shade spreads to cool their home or landscape garden. The pleasure and fun of growing plants increases as the trees grow older, or at a time when the fruit tree production feeds their family appetites, and their memory of you will grow as their garden experience matures, as they savor the delicious flavor of the freshest of peaches.

Many people are surprised, when they realize that a nursery tree can be shipped long distances. TyTy can ship any plant, even as mature as a 40 foot shade tree, at distances anywhere in the United States and have any plant delivered right up to the doorstep. Shipment is fast when plants are in season. Sometimes during our busy season a delivery can be received the next day after shipment. TyTy nursery can ship some plants all during the year, and on some other items such as dormant trees, the shipments begin in November or December and continue until mid-April.

Shade Trees and Flowering Trees are important and appropriate plants to give and are shipped directly to your location, whether that is a church gardener or in some cases to the attention of a city parks director where many friends and relatives of the receiver can enjoy the continuing benefits of flowering trees, instead of the customary giving of flowers at the Cemetery of the funeral location. Memorial Garden plantings shade seating areas for the loved ones who may wish to recall their memories near the grave-stone garden and to meditate on the past. Pine trees are fast growing plants and the pine straw is valuable to use for weed control near the tomb stones.