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Hymenocallis Bulbs

The Hymenocallis lily bulbs are often called spider lilies because of their similar form to the spider. This bulb grows and begins flowering as a native American bulb that is found growing along the banks of the Warrior River in Southern Georgia, and this lily always blooms around Mother's day each year with beautiful white fragrant flowers. Other types of hymenocallis plants are native plants to South America, and the flower colors are white or fragrant yellow.

Advance Hymenocallis Advance Hymenocallis

USDA Zones 8-11

Riparia Hymenocallis Riparia Hymenocallis

USDA Zones 7-10

Sulphur Queen Hymenocallis Sulphur Queen Hymenocallis

USDA Zones 8-10

Swamp Native Hymenocallis Swamp Native Hymenocallis

USDA Zones 8-11

Tropical Giant Hymenocallis Tropical Giant Hymenocallis

USDA Zones 7-10

Zeylancium Hymenocallis Zeylancium Hymenocallis

USDA Zones 8-10

  • Sulphur Queen
    The Sulphur Queen Hymenocallis is cold hardy in zones 8,9 and 10, and the plant enters dormancy during the fall and sends up a flower stem with 4 or more trumpet shaped yellow flowers in June. Within the lacy frilled cup from the flower face, arises 6 narrow filaments of gold, giving the flower an exotic and dramatic flair. A wonderful, eclectic fragrance rushes from the interior flower cup to delight the attentive gardener. In Northern climates, these winter dormant bulbs are often planted in containers for indoor flowering.
  • Hymenocallis Zeylanicum Bulbs
    This delicate white flower, Hymenocallis zeylanicum, originated in the far east and is covered with one foot amaryllis-like leaves that rise from the base. The flowers are pleasantly perfumed with an exotic fragrance, and the bulb is about the size of a hen's egg and is cold hardy out of doors in zone 8, 9, and 10. The cup shaped, centered, white flower is implanted with short stamens near the lip circumference, and at the base of the cup, six slender white bands radiate and reflex gracefully, and you may agree that this plant is unlike any other flower. For those tropical bulb collectors searching for the exotic and rare flower, this lily may fit into their special garden or container.
  • Riparia Hymenocallis Bulb
    This rare flower was imported by Ty Ty Bulb Company in 1978 from India where it was said to be native flora. The amaryllis-like leaves are much smaller than most hymenocallis and the flower stem grows about 3 feet tall, topped by 4 to 6 white spidery-like flowers richly perfumed. The brown bulbs are about the size of a hen egg and the flowering occurs in Southern Georgia in late August and September. The Hymenocallis riparia grows abundantly along walkway paths and enters dormancy at the first frost.