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Rain Lily Bulbs

There are many names for this particular flowering bulb that is also called Zephyranthes, and rainlilies grow in some States as native plants, the Atamasco lily (Easter Lily) in Southern Georgia that grow wild and display white trumpet shaped fragrant flowers in wetlands along ditches and begin blooming at Easter each year. The yellow zephyranthes bulbs grow as a naturalized plant in huge roadside displays in Hawaii.

Atamasco Rain Lily Atamasco Rain Lily

USDA Zones 7-11

Grandiflora Rain Lily Grandiflora Rain Lily

USDA Zones 7-10

Martini Rain Lily Martini Rain Lily

USDA Zones 7-11

White Rain Lily White Rain Lily

USDA Zones 7-10

Yellow Rain Lily Yellow Rain Lily

USDA Zones 7-10

  • Martini Rain Lily Bulbs
    Martini Rain Lily, Habranthus martinezii,Martini Rain Lily, Habranthus martinezii, is a great flowering bulb for the flower beds or landscape. This rain lily was introduced into the retail market by Marcia Wilson of Texas, shortly before she passed away. Marcia had a vast collection of rain lilies that she sold and exchanged with friends who loved collecting flower bulbs like she did. This rain lily flowers several times during the spring, summer and fall seasons, with the heaviest flowering following rainstorms, and the delicate, trumpet-shaped pink flowers are centered by stamens that glow with bright yellow ellipsis of pollen grains. Not only do the pecan-kernel, sized bulbs reproduce handily, but the seed pods contain viable seeds that will quickly sprout to form new plants.
  • Grandiflora (Zephyranthes rosea)
    The pink Zephyranthes rosea is also known as the Pink Grandiflora rain lily, and it produces small, charming pink flowers after spring and summer rains. The Chinese-pink coloring is rare and distinctive in a flower bed, upstaging other larger and less flamboyant flowers and bushes. These lilies were imported into America from the Far East, and each year flower reliably every year growing in to larger clumps and producing bolder displays of pink color each year. The bulbs are about the size of a pecan and multiplication is rapid and proceeds to form huge clusters of onion like foliage.
  • Yellow Rain Lily Bulb
    Yellow Rain Lily Bulb, Zephyranthes citrina, Bright yellow flushes of blooms from the Lemon Lily Flowering Bulb appear once or twice each month from June until frost after heavy rain events. Zephyranthes candida is called the Yellow Rain Lily, the Yellow Zephyranthes Lily and the Swamp Lily of La Plata. The Zephyranthes candida is also called the Yellow Fairy Lily and has become widely escaped and naturalized in Maui and other Islands of Hawaii. This Zephyranthes Lily is considered to be the most cold hardy of the Rain Lily family members with long round leaves that are hollow like onions.