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Lombardy Poplar Tree

Lombardy Poplar Tree


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The Lombardy Poplar is huge in size, reaching 100' at maturity with a yearly growth over 18 inches. Full grown, the Lombardy Poplar (Black Poplar) will have a 10' spread, so by planting them 8' apart, you can create a solid privacy and noise barrier for your home. The pollen and seed of the Lombardy Poplar are found on separate plants and pollination is via the wind. The Lombardy Poplar Tree is a tall, fast-growing shade tree that has spire-like columns that rise as high as 100 ft.

• If there is a ever breeze passing through the Lombardy Poplar Tree, the leaves dance wildly providing noises similar to that of waves crashing against an ocean shore. The Lombardy Poplar Tree provides excellent shade for bedrooms and landscapes, especially during the hot Summer months. The tree is adapted to a wide range of soil types, and when planted 8 feet apart in rows, provide a tall solid fence of privacy after just a few years. Lombardy Poplar Trees in the US typically reach 30'-50' in height, while European grown Lombardy poplars have exceeded 100'.

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