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The Pin Oak Shade Tree, Quercus palustrus, is a pyramidal shaped tree with horizontal branching covered with dark green glossy leaves. The tree is very popular as a street shade tree in America and Europe, mainly because the leaves turn a bright rusty red in the Fall and persist into the Winter. The Pin Oak Tree is salt water tolerant and native to most of the eastern United States, however, it is not really tolerant of alkaline soils that cause yellowing (chlorosis) of the leaves, but can be remedied by adding Iron Chelate under the tree

• In the Fall the leaves of the Pin Oak Shade Tree change from green to shades of vivid red and brown, and it is native to the United States and is planted as a popular garden specimen for its heavy summer shade and bright leaf color change in the fall, even in the deep south. The Pin Oak Shade Tree can grow up to 70 ft. tall and 3 ft. in diameter. The bark of the tree is gray-brown. The wood was once used to make shingles and clapboards.

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