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The Sawtooth Oak tree, Quercus acutissima, is the fastest growing wildlife Oak tree, sometimes growing acorns at the age of five years. Many wildlife animals and game birds visit the Sawtooth Oak tree when the acorns begin ripening and covering the ground. The appetites of deer, turkey and squirrel seemingly are unsatisfiable. Not only are sawtooth Oaks excellent for wildlife grazing, but the trees form a dense canopy of 6 inch long, toothed leaves that are just right to use as a privacy barrier when planted in long thick rows.

• Most Sawtooth Oak trees planted in the United States are used primarily for wildlife food provision, mostly due because the species bears heavier crops of acorns than do most other Oak tree varieties. Additionally the extra bitterness of this acorn makes it slightly more desirable to wildlife animals. The Sawtooth Oak Tree has become one of the most popular fast growing trees in America, and a homeowner can expect the tree to grow as much as 6 feet in one year. The Sawtooth Oak Tree rapidly can grow to 50 feet and is best known for its rapid production of acorns, sometimes producing a few acorns after only 5 years from planting. The Sawtooth tree acorns are a favorite wildlife food for feeding deer, squirrels, game birds and many other wildlife animals. Not only is the Sawtooth Oak tree planted as a shade tree around the home to reduce electricity cost for cooling your house, but this tree is lined out in urban streets to shade and to cool city streets and to provide a safe nesting place for squirrels and songbirds. The dense leaves of the sawtooth oak tree absorb the irritating gasoline and diesel fumes from automobiles and trucks exhaust pipes very successfully along city streets.

• The Sawtooth Oak tree is very cold hardy and can grow in cold winters of 10 degrees below zero, and is found growing and is widespread from Michigan to Florida. Wildlife plantation owners in the South plant rows of Sawtooth Oak trees to feed and attract wildlife animals, and a 10 year old Sawtooth oak tree can produce as much as 80 pounds of acorns each year. If you are looking for one of the fastest growing trees on earth to shade your yard, try planting a Sawtooth Oak shade tree that can be shipped to you from Ty Ty nursery when dormant. The Sawtooth Oak Tree, Quercus acutissima 'Sawtooth' was imported into American from China, and the Sawtooth has been extensively planted as a yard tree, a shade tree, and as a plantation wildlife tree for feeding deer, squirrels, and many other wildlife animals. The Sawtooth Oak Tree offers many beneficial landscape bonuses such as extremely fast growth into a mature shade tree specimen in two or three seasons.

• The large oval shaped acorns can develop in just two seasons after planting. The Sawtooth Oak trees appear to be the favorite and most inexpensive food source for wildlife food plot planters, because of the acorns that quickly mature in the fall when most wildlife food is scarce for birds, deer, and wildlife animals. When used as a shade tree, a gardener can expect growth of 6 feet during the first year that rapidly matures into shade for the office or home. The elongated willow-like seven inch leaves of the Sawtooth Oak Tree are toothed and colored a lustrous green. During the fall the Sawtooth Oak Tree leaves turn yellow and then orange to give a pyramid-tree shade that becomes round at maturity. The Sawtooth Oak Tree can also be grown very successfully along city streets to shade sidewalks, parks, recreational areas, and to purify the caustic fumes of diesel and gasoline engines.

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