Maine Trees

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You can order and purchase a few shade trees are cold hardy enough to plant in Maine zone 3, such as Weeping Willow tree, Green Ash tree and the Sassafras trees, that produces very fragrant leaves, twigs and roots. Discover the Corkscrew willow tree and several kinds of top Maple trees that are cold hardy enough to plant in Maine, along with several kinds of evergreen pine trees. Many trees like the Red Maple tree, the White Oak tree and the Ginkgo tree will grow in zone 4. In zone 5, shade trees such as the River Birch tree, Sycamore and the Flowering tree, Japanese pink Magnolia trees The Sassafras shade tree is also a yellow flowering tree with fragrant clusters. Other flowering ME trees are red and pink grafted white dogwood trees that are native to much of the United States, and the crabapple tree that also can produce edible fruits in the fall.

Cold Winters make cold hardiness in plants an important topic, when considering what fruit-trees nut trees or berry plants to grow and plant in Maine. Apple trees are the most successful cold hardy fruit tree that can be grown outside in orchards. Several apple tree cultivars, Lodi apple tree, Cortland and Granny Smith apple trees are often grown in pick-you-own fruit orchards. Sour Cherry Trees like the red Montmorency cherry trees and the red North Star cherry tree are cold hardy enough and can be grown there. Some home gardeners in Maine claim to be growing pear tree , peach tree, and nectarine trees, Native wild plum trees and native wildlife persimmon trees are being grown for wildlife deer and game birds on hunting clubs. The Chicago Hardy fig tree in Maine will grow with proper mulching and shelter.

Several nut trees are cold hardy enough to grow in Maine. The Chinese chestnut trees and the American chestnut trees produce chestnuts during the fall. The black walnut tree is a native tree to Maine along with the hickory tree, and the nut kernels of these trees are delicious to eat for humans and wildlife animals like deer, turkey and duck like to eat them. The black mulberry trees will grow in all climatic zones in Maine. The wildlife pear tree and the crabapple wild tree will grow in zone 4 and 5 of ME, and the black mulberry tree grows in all zones. The American native persimmon tree and the Chickasaw plum trees will be cold hardy in climate zone 5. The elderberry plant and the strawberry bushes grow in all climate zones in ME. The fast growing sawtooth oak tree, the gobbler oak tree and the white oak trees will only grow and produce acorns in zone 5.

The classic bunch grapevines that were introduced from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, such as the Red Catawba grapevine, the white Niagara grape vine and the Concord grape vines will produce grapes in Maine, and some seedless grapes have been growing in pick-your-own high quality grape vineyards.

Red raspberry bushes are being grown in many Maine gardens and are bearing after being planted on organic berry farms, where pick-your-own raspberry bushes reportedly are profitable and produce good crops of tasty red raspberries. Blueberry plants are native to Maine on low bushes, making blueberries easy to harvest, where large blueberry plant harvests can supplement a berry farm income. Blackberry plants will grow in Maine and the thornless blackberry bushes have replace the thorny blackberry bush, since the new introductions of the blackberry cultivars from researchers for the University of Arkansas. Find how to get the best tips and information reviews on how to grow plants and trees on Ty Ty Nursery,

Maine bamboo plants are very cold hardy, fast growing and will survive minus degrees 20 F. below zero outside if the bamboo plant clumps are given mulch and protection, but perhaps, the best use for bamboo plants in Maine cities like Augusta, Portland and on the coast at Kennebunkport and is as a useful ornamental planting inside the office or house or especially valuable to use when planted at indoor covered and heated malls where temperatures are controlled. Bamboo plants grow colorful canes in colors of yellow, black-greenish and bright blue, as well as the most common green.

To all those avid gardeners and plant lovers in the State of Maine, Agave plants, Yucca trees and Aloe plants can be containerized and taken inside to grow during the winter. The strange unearthly forms grow into uncanny shapes and are armed with prickly, fleshy thorny sharp spikes attached to the leaves. The Agave americana 'Marginata', also called, Century Plant, is a native American plant that has bright white stripes that encircle each leaf, and there is also a spineless Agave attenuata that has no thorns, teeth or terminus spike. There are some Yucca gloriosa plants that grow into small trees that are native plants also called, Spanish Bayonet', to America that will survive outside in zone 5 of ME. The Aloe vera plant is an excellent first aid plant that contains in the leaves a juice that will cure fire ant bits, bee stings and flesh burns.