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Step into the vibrant world of TyTy Nursery, a Georgia-based haven for all things green. Nestled in the heart of online nursery sales, TyTy Nursery approached MAKDigital with a vision of transforming their digital oasis. Aiming to compete with rivals by presenting their wealth of information in a user-friendly format, TyTy entrusted MAKDigital with the task of redesigning their Volusion website. Launched on June 27, 2022, the journey involved not just creating a website but cultivating an immersive experience where users could seamlessly explore the beauty of nature.

Volusion Development Services

Volusion Custom Development:

In the realm of development, MAKDigital orchestrated a symphony of technological marvels to breathe new life into TyTy Nursery's online presence. The redesign journey began with Art Direction, UI, and UX Design, where the goal was not just aesthetics but a profound transformation of the user experience. Picture this: the once-static Home, Category, and Product pages now pulsate with life, a responsive design technology ensuring a harmonious flow from one green enclave to another. The complexity of the zip-code search and predictive search? It's like giving users a treasure map, guiding them to find the botanical treasures tailored to their specific locales. The impact? TyTy Nursery now boasts a digital landscape that mirrors the lush diversity of its botanical offerings, creating a journey for users that's as delightful as a walk through a well-tended garden.

Volusion Design Services

Art Direction, UI, and UX Design:

In the artful domain of design, MAKDigital wielded the brush of creativity to paint TyTy Nursery's vision into a visual masterpiece. The Website Redesign wasn't merely about changing colors and logos; it was about giving TyTy Nursery a new identity. Think of it as the nursery getting a facelift – not just for aesthetics but to embody a brand that echoes through every leaf, flower, and pixel. The custom templates and webpages? They are the meticulously designed frames showcasing each botanical specimen. Colors weren't just picked; they were cultivated to be part of a consistent theme, weaving a tapestry that tells the story of TyTy Nursery. The user-friendly product pages with optimized images? They're like presenting each plant with the care it deserves, making it easy for users to appreciate and choose the verdant companions for their gardens. TyTy Nursery now stands with a brand and website they can proudly call their own, a canvas of growth and vitality.

Volusion SEO Services

Keyword Research:

In the digital ecosystem, MAKDigital planted the seeds of SEO services to ensure TyTy Nursery's online presence blossoms across search landscapes. Picture this: Comprehensive Keyword Research akin to mapping out the most fertile grounds for their online seeds. The on-page optimizations are like tending to the soil, ensuring that each piece of content is carefully nurtured to sprout and grow. The positive impact? TyTy Nursery's virtual seeds now find themselves blooming prominently in search results, drawing in users like bees to nectar. With enhanced visibility and relevance, TyTy Nursery has cultivated a digital garden that flourishes on search engine result pages, a testament to the fruitful collaboration with MAKDigital.


As the digital petals unfold, TyTy Nursery's website redesign is not just a transformation; it's a blossoming narrative of growth and success. TyTy Nursery now stands as an inviting gateway to a botanical haven, a testament to the synergy between nature's wonders and digital craftsmanship. Embark on a resonant digital journey with TyTy Nursery – your destination for greenery, enriched by the touch of MAKDigital's expertise. Explore the possibilities today!

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