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Leyland Cypress Tree

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The Leyland Cypress Shrub Plant is a good choice for screening and windbreaks, it is also a fast-growing evergreen that enjoys full sun. The beautiful, bright, grayish-blue color and dense growth of the Leyland Cypress Shrub Plant distinguishes this fine ornamental landscape tree. The Leyland Cypress can withstand salt spray and is suited for coastal, saltwater tolerant landscapes.

• The Leyland Cypress Plant is a nice topiary shrub, because it is fast growing and adapted to much of the U.S, and farms a large, handsome evergreen shrub that is grown extensively in the Southeast as a potted plant.

• Prune only during dry periods to help prevent disease. The Leyland Cypress Evergreen came to the United States in the 1960s from China. This large evergreen plant can reach heights of one hundred plus feet, but since is has only been around for a short period of time the largest specimens are around sixty feet tall.

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