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The Silver Maple shade tree is a very fast growing tree that is well adapted for growing in the eastern U.S from Vermont and New Hampshire to Northern Florida that can grow into a large specimen shade tree 60 feet or taller in some soil types. The habit of growing wide spearing limbs and branches of the Silver Maple tree makes this shade tree particular valuable in providing large patches of shade in a landscape during the need for heat relief in the sultry months of July and August. The fast growing characteristics of the Silver Maple tree is prominent by extensive above ground surface root growth that is clearly visible and shaded by large 5 lobed leaves that grow 6 inches wide with toothed edges.

• The bark of the Silver Maple tree is silver in color thin and smooth, and the silhouette of the canopy and trunk is recognizable and distinctive. The Silver Maple trees are clearly as good choice to plant as a shade tree, because they are fasting growing trees that are native tree of forest, and easily adaptable to growing in upland soil types.

• The winged fruit develops from red colored flowers of the Silver Maple Tree in the spring, and is a double seeded oval shape with two wings on the side that open wide and can propel the seed through the air for long distances where the seeds are dispersed far from the mother, Silver Maple Tree to grow new Silver Maple seedlings. The bright green leaves of the Silver Maple Tree are colored silver white underneath, changing in the fall to brilliant autumn shades of scarlet and gold. The bark on the Silver Maple Tree is silver gray, and as the bark ages it breaks loose into large thin plate-like forms that peel off the trunk of the tree give the maturing tree a shaggy look- often splattered with red splotches atop the scales. The Silver maple tree is a very attractive maple tree that is covered with delicate green leafs on the tip and bright silver on the leafs underside.

• The leaves of the silver maple are large, and when viewed from a distance are shining a silver color, and in early fall the leaves become a brilliant gold color. Well adapted for growing near water, the silver maple tree grows fast into a giant shade tree. The winged seed of the silver maple trees are produced in great numbers yearly in April, and birds flock to the trees to eat the seeds and to build their nests. Silver maple trees are one of the fastest growing trees that grow from coast to coast in the United States, as well as almost every State.

• As a shade tree, the Silver maple cools your property and house and will cut back on high costs of electric bills and will shade your flower beds. As an ornamental shade tree, the silver maple is extremely well adapted and is a poplar tree to plant in urban recreational areas, but perhaps most importantly to plant as a very fast growing shade tree with dramatic fall golden color. Ty Ty Nursery is located close to the Gulf coast and silver maple trees are fast growing shade trees here and certainly the growing area extends throughout most of the U.S. These trees love hot humid weather, any kind of weather, for that matter. Our prices are based of various sizes of trees that are ordered, and we will begin shipping silver maple trees in early fall, as soon as the trees become completely dormant.

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