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Italian Cypress Tree

Italian Cypress Trees


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The Italian cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, is an evergreen conifer densely branched with a columnar form and a triangular, cone-shaped peak. The compact, dense blue-green leaves are often planted in lines as a property privacy screen. In the United States, Italian cypress trees' evergreen characteristic makes it a popular tree to plant as shrubs (when young) to grow into huge towering specimens in the garden landscape. Italian Cypress trees are generally slow growing, but maintain their upright dark green growth throughout the years. Italian cypress trees have been grown for centuries as memorial plants in honor of famous people, and are often planted in groups of three.

• It is not unusual to plant Italian Cypress shrubs along interstate highway restaurants to mark the boundary of parking lots. Attractive green scale-like foliage on Italian Cypress shrubs is evergreen, and the trees can be used as a barrier from wind and noise. Driveways in Italy are often lined with Italian Cypress Trees that lead from the property entrance to Italian villas. The Italian Cypress trees grown from cuttings insures outstanding qualities and is densely branched with a narrow columnar form 30'-40' high, 3'-4' wide. The Italian Cypress plant grows to be very tall, thus, Specimen Italian Cypress Trees are often planted at the corners of palatial mansions.

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