Electronic Plantsurance Claim

Please fill out this form and click the submit button. As long as the plantsurance request is within 365 days of receiving the merchandise, within the proper recommended USDA Zones you will receive a store credit for the value of the plants that did not survive transplanting and can only be made once per item ordered paid for not using a previous plantsurance credit. The store credit can be used on any purchase for any item with no expiration. If the plant dies after one year of receiving, if it is planted outside of the recommended USDA Zones on all product pages then the guarantee is void, or if a plant is purchased using a previous plantsurance credit.

*We will process plantsurance claims from the current planting season (June 1st of the previous year through May 31st of the current year) starting June 1st of the current year. This is to give your plants adequate time to sprout, as some plants can sit dormant for an extended period of time before leafing out.

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If you receive an error message trying to submit the form above please email us the information requested to application@tytyga.com.

After submitting the requested information, we will process and review it. You will be emailed by a representative to notify you of approval and request verification pictures. Once verification pictures are received your store credit will be authorized. The store credit will not include the original cost of shipping, coupons or discounts, only the plant material cost. We do not give any refund for plants that die within the first year of receiving but store credit to be used on future purchases.