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Drake Elm Tree

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Because of the manner in which the Drake Elm sheds bark, the trunk is often multicolored with shades of green brown and gray. The Drake Elm Tree is a very fast growing tree that quickly provides a shady cover when planted along public sidewalks that is dense and quickly grows in width and height, forming an umbrella shaped canopy, and the fall leaf color of the Drake Elm tree is brilliant gold, and the small leaves practically disappear in the grass that means the raking is not a big problem. The low parallel branches on the excellent shade tree will reduce traffic noises and the dense growing leaves will absorb much of the air pollution of the streets nearby.

• Drake Elm Trees have exfoliating bark starting at a very young age, and the tree is very resistant to disease and beetles that are prone to affect many varieties of elm. Drake Elm Trees are easy to maintain if pruned properly from a young age to prevent uneven growth and low branches The Drake Elm Tree branches out heavily to create a very large canopy, and it grows very tall with a wide canopy near the top.

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