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Winged Elm Tree

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The seeds of the Winged Elm Tree will attract many types of game birds to your landscape. The Winged Elm Tree is very popular to plant as a shade tree, because of the fast growth and exotic bark on the twigs they appear winged. Some gardeners think the winged parts of the stems and twigs are a growing fungus, but that is only a peculiar type of bark growth that distinguishes this tree from the other Elms. The Winged Elm Tree is a medium-sized shade tree that has become very widely grown by florists and some homeowners who like to assemble fall dried flower arrangements, because of those unusual winged twigs and branches that are sold in great ornamental demand for unique floral decorations.• Some farms plant orchards of the Winged Elm Tree to fill the demand for the unique produce that the Winged Elm Tree provides. Winged Elm Trees show dramatic color changes of yellow and red in the fall, and grow a tall, thick canopy that will create a blanket of shade below. Winged Elm Trees are often planted in rows on both sides of the street, creating a tunnel effect when the trees are covered with leaves, and this tree is native to the U.S. and forms very attractive yard specimens and street plantings.

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