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American Elm Tree

American Elm Tree


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The native American Elm Tree can grow up to 100 ft. tall with trunks 4 ft. wide. This fast-growing American Elm Tree greatly reduces the pollution of car exhaust fumes when planted along city streets. Elm Tree seeds are flat and light in weight, making them easy to spread by the wind as well as by animals. Song birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer love the seeds, leaves and twigs of the American Elm Tree, and bees and butterflies love to visit and pollinate the flowers. As a shade tree the American elm tree is fast growing to provide shady landscape cover and can save a homeowner lots of money by reducing the ridiculously excessive power bills.

The American Elm Tree has a beautiful fall color, with a wide array of red, orange, and yellow colors. Elm Trees are so popular that "Elm Street" is the most popular street name in the US. Cavity dwellers such as woodpeckers, squirrels, possums, and coons often make their homes in the American Elm Tree, as most elm trees twist into very interesting shapes as they reach into the sky.

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