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Flordaking Peach Tree

Flordaking Peach Tree


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Dive into the world of extraordinary peaches with the Flordaking Peach Tree. This exceptional tree is designed to bring the joy of homegrown, mouthwatering peaches right to your doorstep. With its outstanding flavor, lush texture, and ease of care, it's the perfect addition to your garden.

Growing Information

Zone Compatibility: The Flordaking Peach Tree thrives in USDA hardiness zones 9-10. It's a peach tree specially crafted for the mild to warm climates, making it an ideal choice for gardens in the southern United States.

Size: This tree typically reaches a mature height of 12-15 feet, with a similar spread. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for gardens with limited space while still providing an ample harvest of delectable peaches.

Chill Hours: Flordaking Peach Trees have a moderate chilling requirement of approximately 300-400 hours during the winter months. This ensures a consistent and generous fruit set each season.

Planting: Plant your Flordaking Peach Tree in well-drained soil and ensure it receives full sunlight. Proper spacing and adequate air circulation are essential for healthy growth. Opt for planting during the dormant season, which is usually in late winter or early spring.

Pruning: Pruning is essential for maintaining the tree's shape, encouraging new growth, and promoting fruit production. Perform pruning during late winter or early spring, before the tree begins to bud.

Watering: Consistent and deep watering is crucial for the success of your Flordaking Peach Tree. Ensure the soil remains evenly moist, especially during dry spells. However, avoid waterlogged conditions, which can harm the roots.

Fruit Description

Flavor: Prepare your taste buds for a true gourmet experience! Flordaking peaches are celebrated for their bold, sweet flavor that's tinged with a delightful hint of acidity.

Texture: The flesh is exceptionally juicy and tender, offering a tantalizing melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

Color: These peaches exhibit a rich, deep red blush on a golden-yellow backdrop, creating a visual masterpiece in your orchard.

Harvest Time: Get ready for a peachy paradise! Flordaking Peach Trees typically bear fruit in late spring to early summer, usually around May to June. However, the precise harvest time can vary slightly depending on your local climate and growing conditions, so keep a watchful eye on your tree for the perfect moment to pick those ripe, juicy peaches.

Pollination: Flordaking Peach Trees are self-fertile, which means they can produce fruit without requiring a nearby pollinator. However, for an even more prolific harvest, consider planting other peach varieties nearby to facilitate cross-pollination.

The Flordaking Peach Tree is your ticket to a world of peachy delights. With its adaptability to southern climates, exceptional fruit quality, and straightforward care guidelines, it's the perfect choice for those seeking homegrown peach perfection. Plant one today and savor the taste of freshly picked, succulent peaches for years to come.

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