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Beautyberry Shrub

Beautyberry Shrub


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The Beautyberry Violet shrub is a deciduous plant which produces flowers and berries in clusters all the way down the branch. Beautyberries are very astringent, bitter and considered unfit for human consumption. Ironically, there berries are a very important part of wildlife nutrition because they stay affixed to the Beautyberry limbs until late Winter, when other food sources have been exhausted.

  • Beautyberry Shrubs

• Beautyberry fruit has a unique metallic glimmer for which the plant is named. The showy berries on the branches of the Beautyberry Violet shrub lasts longer than most flowering plants lasting through the fall into December. The Beautyberry Violet shrub is a native shrub plant to the United States that produces ruby-violet berries in September that are extremely ornamental in landscapes. The Beautyberry Violet is an amazing shrub plant that grows vigorously, in full sun or full shade and up to 8 ft. tall.

• The American Beautyberry Violet shrub plant grows well in the hot, long and humid summers of the South. Buy Beautyberry Violet Plants and Shrubs from the TyTy Nursery today! The bright colors of the Beautyberry Violet Shrub is quite attractive to wildlife and insects of all kinds including butterflies, honeybees, dragonflies, and hummingbirds. The Beautyberry Violet Shrub is truly a beautiful sight to behold in the fall and winter when the spectacular berries glisten in the sun.

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