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Ogeechee Lime

Ogeechee Lime


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The Ogeechee Lime, Nyssa ogeche, Trees are a very rare but increasingly are popular member of the Tupelo family. The only natural habitat for Ogeechee Limes is in the Southeast coastal plains from South Carolina to Florida, and is especially abundant in swamplands. Ogeechee Lime Trees grow well with both full or partial sun, they can withstand flooding, and will adapt growing in wet garden conditions as well.

• The oblong Ogeechee fruit itself undergoes a beautiful color change in the fall and are eaten by water fowl and raccoons. The Ogeechee Lime, Berry Tree is a fast-growing North American species that can grow from 80-100 ft. tall when it is mature. The Ogeechee Tree grows well when planted near water and is attractive to eat to deer and other various game wildlife animals. The Tree will grow in the Coastal Plains, from VA to FL and also from TX to MO. The Ogeechee Lime Tree is used for timber, game wildlife food and for honey production. In the Spring, white flowers and dark purple fruit appear, and the fruit holds tight to the branches of the tree through November. The berry fruit is gobbled up by deer, bear, and raccoons. Other small wildlife animals like the squirrel, fox, and turkey love eating the Ogeeche Lime. The berry fruit is a favorite food among ducks and other waterfowl, and a hunter can watch them congregate around the Ogeechee Tree to consume the fruit as it falls from the tree.

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