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Autumn Olive Tree

Autumn Olive Tree

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The fruit of the Autumn Olive tree shaped little clusters of berries and develop to a red color when mature, and the leaves and the fruit are covered with tiny scales. The fruit of the Autumn Olive tree is loved by quail, ducks, and turkey. Further north in States like Kentucky and Kansas, pheasant, grouse, and song birds are drawn to eat the Autumn Olive Trees in the fall season, when food sources are rare.The Autumn Olive Tree is an excellent plant for attracting wildlife. The Olive fruit is not a traditional olive, but instead, it is a small red juicy berry which grows abundantly in clusters. Autumn Olives are tart and healthy to eat, containing ten times the lycopene found in tomatoes. The Autumn Olive, also known as the Japanese Silverberry, it develops silvery scales on both its leaves and its fruit which sheds as the new growth matures, and it can convert nitrogen gas in the air into compounds which allows it to grow in infertile soil.

Plant an Autumn Olive Plant under your window, and you will be protected by the stinger-like thorns from burglars and wildlife enemies. The Autumn Olive Tree's fruit is loved by quail, ducks, turkey pheasant, grouse, and song birds. The leaves of the Autumn Olive Shrub Plant are green on top and a glimmering silver on bottom. The Autumn Olive Shrub Plant is a large spreading deciduous shrub that can grow between 8 and 18 ft. tall. The Autumn Olive Plant likes moderate to well drained, upland soils and is an excellent plant for windbreaks, hedge, or borders, and is widely used in wildlife plantings.

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