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Dolgo Crabapple Tree

Dolgo Crabapple Tree


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Unleash the beauty and versatility of the Dolgo Crabapple Tree in your garden or landscape. With its stunning spring blossoms and bountiful harvest of vibrant fruits, this tree adds a touch of elegance and functionality to any outdoor space.

Growing Information:
Cultivating the Dolgo Crabapple Tree is a delightful journey that requires minimal effort, but rewards you with an array of natural wonders. Here's what you need to know:

Zone Compatibility: The Dolgo Crabapple Tree is known for its adaptability, thriving in USDA hardiness zones 4-10, making it suitable for a wide range of climates.

Size: This tree typically grows to a height of 15-20 feet with a similar spread, creating an attractive, medium-sized presence in your garden.

Chill Hours: Dolgo crabapples are hardy, requiring approximately 400 chill hours.

Planting: Choose a sunny to partially shaded spot with well-draining soil to ensure the best growth for your Dolgo Crabapple Tree. Proper spacing and planting depth are essential for root development.

Pruning: Minimal pruning is generally needed for this tree. You can shape it as desired during the dormant season, but avoid heavy pruning to preserve its natural form.

Watering: Maintain consistent moisture, especially during the tree's establishment phase. Deep watering at the root zone encourages strong growth.

Fruit Description:
The Dolgo Crabapple Tree produces small, charming fruits that are as versatile as they are attractive:

Flavor: Dolgo crabapples are known for their tartness, making them ideal for various culinary uses, including preserves, jellies, and sauces. They can also be used in cider production.

Texture: These crabapples have crisp flesh, making them a delightful snack when picked fresh from the tree. They are smaller in size compared to standard apples.

Color: Dolgo crabapples are bright red and often maintain their color well into the fall, providing an eye-catching display in your garden.

Harvest Time: Expect to harvest your Dolgo crabapples in late summer to early fall, typically around August to September, depending on your specific growing conditions.

Pollination: The Dolgo Crabapple Tree is a self-fertile variety, which means it can produce fruit on its own without cross-pollination from another crabapple tree. However, having multiple crabapple trees in your garden can enhance fruit production and diversity. Bees and other pollinators are attracted to the beautiful blossoms of the Dolgo Crabapple Tree, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

The Dolgo Crabapple Tree is a versatile and charming addition to any garden, offering beauty, flavor, and adaptability to a wide range of climates. With its stunning spring blossoms and prolific fruit production, it's sure to become a cherished feature of your outdoor space. Experience the allure of the Dolgo Crabapple Tree today!

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