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  • Plant an American Chestnut Tree
    Because of the deep dormancy requirement for shipping, TyTy Nursery usually begins shipping pecan trees the day after Christmas. We usually prefer shipping pecan trees to States located South of Virginia beginning late December. Most shipping to States North of Virginia begin in late February and extends till April, before the leaves appear. We prefer for Northern States' customers to call TyTy Nursery to designate preferred shipping times. Ty Ty's free pruning of pecan trees aids in viability.
  • Pecan, Almond & Walnut Trees
    The Pecan, Almond, and Walnut trees are among the most important nut trees grown in the U.S. Huge orchards of nut trees are planted throughout the South and West.
  • Walnut Trees WALB-TV
    Walnuts are an important cultural feature in the Southern Christmas tradition. Parents remember sitting around the winter fireplace to warm their hands, cracking a handful of English Walnut. Spicy lack Walnut kernels are included in the baking ritual ingredients that enriches the flavor of the Thanksgiving fruit cake Walnut trees are heavy bearing nut trees and a 6 foot sized, grafted Thomas black walnut tree can bear walnuts the very first year of planting.