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Advertising Nursery Plants and Trees in Newspapers

Advertising Nursery Plants in National and Regional Magazines

Advertising Nursery Products on TV - Part 2

Box Store Plant Advertising Has Worked Up to Now - Part 1

Box Store Plant Advertising Has Worked Up to Now - Part 2

Berry Bushes

History Of Blackberry Plants

The Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant- Vaccinium ashei

Tissue Culture Applications To Improve Crops of Strawberries- Raspberries- and Blackberries


Amaryllis For Florists

Cherokee Bean Lily- Erythrina herbacea

Florist Amaryllis - Dutch vs African

Have Dutch Bulb Exporters Gained Financial Control of American Horticulture

Rare- Hard-To-Find Flower Bulbs of Merit

The Ancient Crinum Lily Inhabiting The Island Of Saint Simon And Sea Island Georgia

Tulip Bulb Forcing for Florist Sales

Web Review of Modern Canna Cultivars

Web Review of Victorian Canna Hybrids

Flowering Trees

Buy and Plant Crape Myrtle Trees and Bushes for Spectacular Summer Flowering

Flowering Dogwood Trees-a Favorite Tree of America

Flowering Trees and Flowering Shrubs

Rare Flowering Trees That Light Up Your Garden Landscape

The Amazing Flowers of Camellia japonica and Camellia sasanqua

The Native American Magnolia Landscapes

Fruit Trees

American Fruit Trees- Nut Trees- Berry Plants- Grapevines- and Native Plants Promoted by Thomas Jefferson

Banana Trees Grow Fast from Banana Plants and Various Sized Banana Bulbs

Belle of Georgia Peach Trees Grow Fast

Buy Citrus Trees Year Round

Chinese Strawberry Trees

Evolution of the Banana Plant

Growing Banana Trees

Growing Paw Paw Trees

Historical Controversies of Nectarine Nomenclature- Prunus persica nectarina

History of Apple Trees

History of Mulberry Trees

History of Olive Trees

History of Persimmon Trees

History of Pomegranate Trees- 'Punica granatum'

History Of Quince Trees

History of the Apricot Tree

History of the Cherry Tree

History of the Chinese Jujube- 'Zizyphus jujube-' Tree

History of the Citrus and Citrus Tree Growing in America

History of the Mayhaw

Olive Trees Olive Oil and Olive Legends from Ancient History

Should a Gardener buy a Grafted Mayhaw Tree or a Wild Seedling

The Fig Tree Fed Ancient Civilizations and Feeds Modern Gardeners Today

The Garden of Earthly Delights

The Native American Paw Paw Tree

The Rare- and Prolific Tasty Fruit of the Chinese Jujube

Grape Vines

Ancient Biblical Grape Juice and Wine Drinkers- Raisin Eaters and Teetotalers (Part 1)

Ancient Biblical Grape Juice and Wine Drinkers- Raisin Eaters and Teetotalers (Part 2)

The Amazing American Muscadine is Delicious- With Dramatic Health Benefits

The European Grape- Vitis vinifera- Natural Hybrids with Ancient Native American Grapevines

Tracing the History and Use of Muscadine Grape Vines

Nut Trees

America's Historical Hickory Trees

Ancient Explorers Discovered Unique Native Nut Trees Growing In America

Georgia Pecan Warehouse Fire Causes Wholesale Pecan Price Surge

Historical Mechanisms Promoting American Chestnut Survival Through Hybridization

History of Almond Trees

History of the Filbert (Hazelnut) Tree


Papershell Pecan Trees

Planting Grafted Pecan Trees in America

The History of Northern James Pecan Trees in Northern Landscapes

The History of Pecan Trees in America

The Impact of Famous Americans on the American Native Nut Tree- the Pecan- Carya illinoinensis


The Best Cold Hardy Plants and Trees for YOUR State

Palm Trees

Ancient Bible References to Date Palm Trees Phoenix dactylifera

Cold Hardy Palm Trees for Northern Garden Planting

History of the Discovery of the Native American Palm Trees

Medjool Date Palm Tree - Phoenix dactylifera

Moderate Cold Hardy Traits In Date Palms and Fan Palms

Palm Trees for Office Indoor Planting or Outside in the Deep South

Phoenix Palm Trees for landscapes and offices

Plant and Grow a Cold Hardy Windmill Palm Tree

Sago Palm Trees Excel as Office Container Plants or for Pool and Patio Tropical Accents

Windmill Palm Trees- Tropical Accent Plants- Cold Hardy for Northern United States and Canadian Gardens

Religious Video Publications

Religious Videos

Shade Trees

Black Locust Tree- Robinia pseudoacacia

Chinquapin Oak Tree

Green Ash Tree

Japanese Bloodgood Maple Acer palmatum "Bloodgood"

Laurel Oak Tree- Quercus Laurifolia

Live Oak Tree

Overcup Oak Tree- Quercus Lyrata

Running Oak Tree- Quercus Pumila

Shumard Oak Tree- Quercus Shumardii

The Southern Catalpa Tree


The Flame Azalea Shrubs Are Easy Plants to Grow in Shade


Persimmons for Wildlife

Planting Large Fruit Trees- Berry Bushes- Grape Vines- and Oak Trees Produces Successful- Fast Food for Wildlife Management Resources

Wildlife Berry Bushes

Wildlife Shade Trees

World Famous Commemorative Live Oak Trees

An Introduction to Commemorative Live Oak Trees

Famous Historical Markers

James Oglethorpe Dedicated English Oak Tree

Lady Margaret Thatcher Dedicated Live Oak Tree

Queen H M Juliana Dedicated Live Oak Tree

Sidney Lanier Live Oak

The Bartram Trail at Saint Simon's Island and Fort Fredrica

The Big Oak Tree

Tony Blair Dedicated Live Oak Tree

World Famous Presidential Live Oak Trees

An Introduction to Presidential Live Oak Trees

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Live Oak Tree

Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Live Oak Tree

George H W Bush Presidential Live Oak Tree

George W Bush Presidential Live Oak Tree

Gerald Ford Presidential Live Oak Tree

Jimmy Carter Presidential Live Oak Tree