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Palm Trees

The Northern adapted palm trees that can withstand cold temperatures of -20* F will also thrive in the South. This Southern State adapted palm tree can be found planted and growing extensively throughout the country, principally because their growth rate is faster in the South than in the Northern States as cold hardy palm trees,
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•Cabbage Palm
•Dwarf Palmetto
•Saw Palmetto
•Silver Saw Palmetto
•Canary Island
•Chinese Fan
•Pygmy Date
•Queen Palm
•Red Yucca
•Zamia Cardboard
•Zamia Coontie
Snow Hardy Windmill Palms
Cold Hardy Needle Palms
Pindo Palm Tree
Not only will the Windmill Palm trees survive in Northern States with below zero temperatures during the Winter but they show resistance to ice and snow like no other palm tree. Buy a cold hardy Windmill Palm tree to add a tropical flair pool or patio. The needle palms are slow growing trees that are surrounded by numerous pup offsets that can be lined out as a privacy fence or hedge block. Northern gardeners plant Needle Palm Trees 10 feet apart around windows, pools and private areas to keep out unwanted visitors and animals. The Pindo Palm Tree is cold tolerant to USDA Zone 7. Specimen Pindo Palm Tree can be seen on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, GA. The Pindo Palm produces an edible date fruit used to make jelly, and is also known as the Jelly Palm.