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Pindo Palm Tree


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• Pindo Palm trees, Butia capitata, originated in Argentina and have been transplanted successfully to grow from Maryland southward to Florida, Zones 7-10. Pindo Palms are adapted to grow in below zero temperatures and grow in practically any type soil, even desert landscapes or salt tolerant soils. The large palm trunk forms slowly and is topped by a massive circle of leaves that vary in color from deep green to shiny silver. Pindo Palm Trees' with graceful form and arching blue-green fronds make it excellent for poolside plantings, as well as for container use. These distinctive trees are often planted also as single specimens near pools as an accent landscape tree. A Pindo Palm Tree is evergreen as far north as Virginia and is one of the best palm trees to grow as a specimen tree. The Pindo palm tree survived the severe zero degree temperatures in the historical 1983 deep freeze in the South.

• The Pindo Palm tree is definitely a welcome and distinctive addition to both tropical and desert landscapes, and can grow in unusual shapes if forced to compete for sunlight. The highly desirable tropical palm leaves are in constant motion from the slightest breeze and many home owners prefer to plant the Pindo Palm trees as specimen trees near the road to shield their home from traffic noise. Pindo Palm Trees grow a very thick trunk with beautiful crown like branches sprouting upward and hanging over, and shade the brick walls on the west side from hot summer sunshine.

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  • Pindo Palm Tree
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