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Flower Bulbs

Flowers are a perfect source for natural color, which is why finding the right flower to put in your home, office, or yard can transform it from a bland space to a work of vibrant art. Each flower in our collection is unique and beautiful in its own way. Choose from flowers like the striking amaryllis bulb that opens up into a flower of various colors, or the exotic African Blood Lily bulb that blooms into a mesmerizing, red flower that looks like it’s from another world.

You can also choose from various flowers that are conditioned to survive and bloom in harsher environments. For example, Crinum bulbs fall into a special class apart from its smaller relatives, mainly because of the gigantic flower bulbs and its ability to survive decades of drought and stressful environmental assaults. There are also several categories of bulbs that are classified as rain lilies, because the flowers usually appear abundantly during the Hurricane rainy season.

Once you've found the perfect flower, Ty Ty Nursery will handle the rest by delivering your order right to your door, year round. Order some of these beautiful flowers today!

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  • Mother Bulb – Amaryllis
    Amaryllis flowers are useful in the fall for blossom forcing during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, a period when few flowers are available to decorate and enjoy for parties and celebrations. Amaryllis bulbs will flower in many colors to include, red, white, pink, striped and even yellow. The blossom can grow to dinner-plate size with 6 petals, 12 or even 18 rose-like flowers. Many amaryllis flowers can form on each stalk and mature amaryllis bulbs can form 4 stems during one season.
  • Yellow Tulip Bulbs
    Tulip blooms last several weeks if picked at the right flowering stage and at very cool temperatures. Many floral tulips and imported and flown in by U.S. florists to sell to customers. In the field or in yards most tulips last well, but are greatly affected by temperatures. The tulip flower prefers cool weather. Tulips are historically cup shaped, but some new hybrids vary greatly in form, petal number, and bloom in practically every color, even black flowers.
  • Daffodil Bulbs WALB-TV
    Daffodils have been hybridized by Dutch bulbsmen who created many flower forms that are unseen in the historic old time daffodil bulb blooms. Yellow daffodils are the most popular daffodil bulbs followed by the white and orange. A newcomer pink color daffodil is especially charming when grown as a containerized plant. The sweet fragrance of daffodils is distinctive, especially as the afternoon sun rays warm the golden petals and slight breezes waft the delicious aroma toward daffodil worshipers.