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  • Wildlife Persimmon Tree
    Persimmons are one of the favorite foods of most wildlife animals and game birds, especially white tailed deer who congregate under persimmon trees in the fall and winter, after the pungent ripening aroma alerts them that a delicious feeding awaits them, some on the ground & many persimmons ripening before being shook down by hefty trophy antlers. Wildlife native American persimmons attract game, & the Japanese persimmons are much larger to eat and always available to feed during scarce winters.
  • Wildlife Oak Tree
    Wildlife animals and game birds can be attracted to your yard or hunting preserve if you plant berry bushes, wildlife fruit trees, grape vines, nut trees and acorn producing oak trees. Not only do the plants feed the animals but offer shelter to nesting songbirds, turkey, dove, quail and pheasants.
  • Dangerous Wildlife Plants
    Many poison plants are not meant to be eaten by wild animals such as deer and wild hogs. The Angel Trumpet (Datura) plant contains alkaloids that are harmful to humans and animals if eaten.