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Clumping bamboo plants grow in dense clusters, making them perfect to use as tall hedges, privacy screens, and windbreaks for your home or office. Clumping bamboo’s non-invasive characteristic allows for the bamboo plant to be used to grow as a barrier between homes in densely populated urban communities without risking it spreading into your neighbor’s yard.

Alphonse Karr Bamboo Plants Alphonse Karr Bamboo

USDA Zones 6-11

Dwarf Chinese Fern Bamboo

USDA Zones 6-11

Golden Goddess Bamboo

USDA Zones 6-11

Variegated Bamboo Grass Variegated Bamboo Grass

USDA Zones 6-11

Weeping Willow Bamboo Plants Weeping Willow Bamboo

USDA Zones 5-11

Black Bamboo

USDA Zones 4-11

Green Groove Bamboo

USDA Zones 6-11

Robert Young Bamboo Plants Robert Young Bamboo

USDA Zones 6-11

Variegated Temple Bamboo Plants Variegated Temple Bamboo

USDA Zones 7-11

Yellow Green-Striped Bamboo Plants Yellow Green-Striped Bamboo

USDA Zones 6-11

  • Bamboo Plant Sale
  • Bamboo Provides Wonderful Privacy
    The Bambusa family is comprised of many species, but a few of the more widely planted bamboo varieties in the U.S. are Bambusa multiplex varieties, commonly known as 'Hedge Bamboo.'
  • Wall of Bamboo
    Bamboo is an excellent natural provider of privacy. Bamboo is very cold hardy, meaning almost every state in the U.S is capable of growing these wonderful plants. Call us today to find out more about Bamboo and our ordering procedures