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Loblolly Pine Tree

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The Loblolly Pine Tree is one of the most important and valuable wildlife tree in the United States and is a very fast growing shade tree that will provide the homeowner quick shade and much lower electric bills. The Loblolly Pines provide an excellent habitat source for wildlife animals to get food from their pinecones that are full of pine nuts. The pine nuts are also used by humans in cooking and baking. Songbirds love to make their nests in the high branches of the Loblolly Pine tree, that offers protection from many wildlife predators. Squirrels gather up the pine cones and even cut out the green pinecones from the branches. A squirrel eat lots of the green seed, even before the pine nuts are fully ripe. Many animals gather the pine nuts from the ground that fall, and store them in their nests for the Winter. Since the Loblolly Pine tree is an Evergreen Tree it offers a healthy, secure habitat for many wildlife species, including possums, squirrels, and birds. Many homeowners like to plant the loblolly pine tree close together in long lines fronting their property, because it is a very fast growing tree (up to 6 feet per year when young) and the lower branches of pine needles offer a good privacy barrier.

• The Loblolly Pine Tree is the tallest of the southern pines, that grow very quickly and, like many other pines, are prized sources for lumber. A young plantation of Loblolly pines will attract deer, which usually takes place after a decade of growth. Wild turkeys also inhabit Loblolly Pine forests but only where trees are further spaced apart allowing openings for sunlight to pass through. Loblolly Pines also provides habitat for a dozen species of birds providing roosting places which are high and protective.

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