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Creeping Fig Vine

Creeping Fig Vine


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Once the Creeping Fig Vine plant is established, it can send out shoots that may grow as much as a foot per week. The vines of the Creeping Fig Vine growing on walls form a good background for fronting with shrubs. The vigorous, evergreen Creeping Fig Vine climbs and covers anything that is not moving. It is great for covering walls, and houses.

• By covering your walls with Creeping Fig Vines, you could save loads on cooling costs in the winter A wall covered by Creeping Fig Vines gives a touch of class to your home and creates a natural transition from indoors to outdoors. Creeping Fig Vines can be pruned and maintained at the wall's edges to prevent the plant from invading unwanted areas.

• Variegated Creeping Fig Vine, Ficus pumila 'Variegata' This beautifully variegated vine originated in Asia, and the variegated leaves of this vine when planted on dark masonry walls or metal fences will brighten up dreary areas. The plant is grown commercially to sell at garden centers as containerized plants, hanging baskets or to gardeners who want a grand cover plant or for covering concrete walls, that eventually will spread to 25 feet or more. The variegated fig vines are easy to control and are recommended for growing in zones 8 to 10 and will survive light freezes and frost and enter dormancy but return to full leaf cover in the spring. During the growing season the plants require moisture and good lighting, but will survive droughts.

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