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Ponderosa Lemon

Ponderosa Lemon

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The Ponderosa lemon is one of the largest of all citrus fruits; one Ponderosa lemon is often large enough to make two or three pies. The Ponderosa lemon is not a true lemon, but has the sour lemon flavor, and the Ponderosa lemon is actually more related to a citron and is less cold hardy than a true lemon. The rind Ponderosa lemon is thick and bumpy but full of lemon flavor and citrus fragrance that will fill a room. In the Northern states the Ponderosa lemon is often planted in pots to containerize this small citrus tree that can be moved inside once the onset of cold temperatures begins. The Ponderosa Lemon tree is not a large tree and is perfect for growing in containers that can be moved in and out. The Ponderosa Lemon tree is full of thorns and not very cold hardy and for best Winter cold protection should be planted on the south side or southeast side of a house for maximum protection from frost.