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Lemon Trees

Due to Agricultural Restrictions Citrus Sales are Discontinued Indefinitely. The Information Below is for Informational Purposes Only.

The products listed in this section are Out of Stock and currently not available for purchase. We provide the following information for educational purposes only.

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Lisbon Lemon Lisbon Lemon

USDA Zones 8-10

Meyer's Lemon Tree Meyer's Lemon Tree

USDA Zones 7-11

Ponderosa Lemon Ponderosa Lemon

USDA Zones 9-11

  • Ponderosa Lemon
    The Ponderosa lemon is not a true lemon, but has the sour lemon flavor, and the Ponderosa lemon is actually more related to a citron and is less cold hardy than a true lemon.
  • Meyer's Lemon
    Improved Meyer's Lemon Tree is a heavy bearing citrus tree. The nursery at TyTy once carried these Improved Meyer's lemon trees bared fruit at three to four feet tall.
  • Huge Citrus - Lemon
    The sour juice of the lemon fruit has a distinctive unique flavor.