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Meyer's Lemon Tree

Meyer's Lemon Tree


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5gal - 3-4ft tall - Item Discontinued [$124.75]

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Improved Meyer's Lemon tree, Citrus 'meyeri', has excellent foliage as a large shrub or small tree. The Meyer's Lemon Tree produces flowers and fruit year-round. The fragrant flowers of Improved Meyer's Lemon tree, Citrus 'meyeri,' produce thin skinned, juicy lemons year round. Protect the evergreen Meyer's Lemon Tree when temperatures drop below 15*F. One of the most universal uses for the Meyer's lemon is to put a slice to add an acid enhancement to iced tea, and sliced chilled Meyer's lemon is also used a a garnish to roasted fowl, desserts and a wide array of vegetable salads. Women seem to crave the sour tastes of lemon at the onset of pregnancy and also many other sour flavored fruits. Meyer's lemon is just right. Delicious lemon slices crystallized in sugar are perfect for the holiday season, or just for a sour-sweet snack.