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Holly Bush

Burford Holly Shrub Burford Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 7-9

Carissa Holly Shrub Carissa Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 7-9

Dwarf Burford Holly Shrub Dwarf Burford Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 7-9

Mary Nell Holly Shrub Mary Nell Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 6-9

Needlepoint Holly Shrub Needlepoint Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 6-9

Nellie R. Stevens Holly Shrub Nellie R. Stevens Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 6-9

Sky Pencil Holly Shrub Sky Pencil Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 6-9

Yaupon Holly Shrub Yaupon Holly Shrub

USDA Zones 7-10

  • Sky Pencil Holly Shrub
    The Mary Nell Holly plant grows into a large dense specimen that is covered with clusters of red berries in the fall and winter.
  • Savannah Holly Shrub
    The fragrant small white flowers of the Savannah Holly Tree mature into green berries that turn brilliant glowing red during the Fall and Winter. The Savannah Holly tree is salt water tolerant and is cold hardy from zones 7-10.
  • Mary Nell Holly Shrub
    The Sky Pencil Holly is named for its tall, slender growth habit. Originally found growing in Japan, this unique holly shrub has become very popular in urban landscapes where space is very limited. The Sky Pencil holly will look spectacular near your home's entryway.