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Fast Growing Shrubs

Wax Myrtle -
Myrica cerifera

Wax myrtle shrubs can grow 5ft annually to a mature height of 25ft tall.
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USDA Zones 4-10

Wax Myrtle grows normally as a native American plant in forests, but nursery grown plants will provide a fast growing screen that spreads by underground shoots. All parts of wax myrtle shrubs are fragrant used to scent candles and grow to block out noise and noxious automobile fumes. Wax myrtle shrubs are a commonly-grown naturalized plant that enthusiastically is used as a salt water and cold hardy tolerant privacy screen.
Leyland Cypress -
Cupressocyparis leylandii

Leyand cypress shrubs can grow on average 3-4ft annually to a mature height of 120ft tall.
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USDA Zones 5-9

Leyland cypress, is a fast growing shrub, that most often is planted as a privacy hedge, but in many cases can grow into a large specimen tree that might reach 120 feet. Erosion control can be obtained fast by planting these vigorous Leyland cypress shrubs to embed their roots rapidly into the soil and cool the earth.
Elaeagnus -
Elaeagnus pungens

Elaeagnus shrubs can grow on average 3-4ft annually to a mature height of 18ft tall.
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USDA Zones 6-9

Elaeagnus is one of the fastest growing shrubs and grows a superb barrier hedge or privacy fence that can grow up to 18 feet tall. Elaeagnus shrubs are salt water tolerant, and can be grown in containers at commercial locales. Interstate highway landscaping is filled with large groupings and plantings of Eleagnus to minimize automobile fumes and truck highway noises.
Ligustrum -
Ligustrum japonicum

Ligustrum shrubs can grow on average 2-3ft annually to a mature height of 20ft tall.
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USDA Zones 7-10

For choosing a fast growing privacy screen, consider growing a Ligustrum Shrub that can grow into a dense mat of egg shaped leaves that completely blocks out street traffic and noisy neighbors who wish to share your life visually. Some resorts plant the evergreen, overgrown, ancient, Ligustrum Shrub as trees to make an elegant statement of vitality when growing near pools and patios. Ligustrum Shrubs are covered with spikes of fragrant white flowers in the spring, deliciously, sweetly scented.
Pampas Grass -
Cortaderia selloana

Pampas grass can grow on average 6ft annually to a mature height of 12ft tall.
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USDA Zones 7-11

Very few fast growing shrubs offer the privacy that the dense growing clumps of Pampas Grass does. Pampas Grass remains year round as a secure privacy blocker to protect your home and property from visual aggressors. The thickly growing canes grow uptight and even during the dormant winter stage the clumps remain intact like evergreen privacy screens but are colored pleasantly with a clear-tan sheen with sterile, feathery flower plumes - unmatched in whiteness topping a willowy wintery spectre.
Mary Nell Holly -
Ilex x 'Mary Nell'

Mary nell holly can grow on average 1-2ft annually to a mature height of 15ft tall.
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USDA Zones 6-9

The Mary Nell Holly plant can grow to 35 feet high with a wide limb spread of 10 feet. The leaves are rimmed with tiny sharp spines that discourage burglars or intruders from entering your property. If you want an evergreen privacy screen that blocks out traffic noise and automobile choking fumes, the Mary Nell Holly will work for you. The leaves are shiny waxy green and they vigorously grow into dense clusters that will protect your privacy. The Mary Nell Holly is cold hardy, it can be grown from New York to Florida.