• Buy Southern Magnolia Trees

    Magnolia trees are among the most cold hardy flowering trees that grow well in most Northern States, including New York, CT & PA. Japanese pink flowering saucer magnolia trees are spring flowering trees blooming in colors of red, white and pink.

  • Bird of Paradise Plants on Sale

    The Bird of Paradise plant grows into very large trees in zone 9 & 10 in States like Florida, Texas and Louisiana, and in cooler zones grow rapidly into indoor containerized tropical specimens in brilliant colors of yellow, orange & red flowering plants.

  • Grow Cold Hardy Mule Palm Trees

    The Mule palm tree is a beautiful palm tree that is cold hardy in NC, GA & Texas and is one of the fastest growing palm trees that resulted from a cross of the Queen palm tree and the Pindo palm tree.

  • Bearing Size Fig Trees for Sale

    Ty Ty Nursery specializes in cold hardy fig trees like the 'Tennessee Mountain fig tree', 'Chicago Hardy Fig tree' and the 'Brown Turkey Fig'. Fresh picked figs are delicious to eat straight off the tree or to cook into Fig preserves.

  • Banana Tree Nursery

    Enjoy eating delicious tree ripened bananas the first year. Banana trees from Ty Ty Nursery can grow 17 feet tall during the first year planted. Texas Star Banana trees survive below zero F. temperatures.

  • Grow Olive Trees

    You can eat olives during the first year from olive trees grown at our nursery. Olives taste great as tasty snacks or cook with fresh olive oil made from your own cold hardy olive trees.

  • Buy Hydrangea Bushes

    Get patented hybrid hydrangea shrubs that flower blue and red on the same plant. Pink, white and purple hydrangea flower bushes add brilliant colors to your drab landscape plantings all summer.

  • Northern Palm Tree Nursery

    Choose from several kinds of palm trees that will grow successfully in the cold climates of New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and add that tropical flair to your pool or patio area.

  • Buy Bamboo Plants

    Fast Growing Bamboo Plants will preserve your privacy, and will quickly block out unwanted animals and uninvited people from your yard. Bamboo plants will screen homes and gardens and grow into tall and thick, living walls in most of the United States.

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Big Ass Blueberry™ Plant Big Ass Blueberry™ Plant

USDA Zones 6-9

Black Bamboo Black Bamboo

USDA Zones 4-11

Giant Fuyu Persimmon Tree Giant Fuyu Persimmon Tree

USDA Zones 8-10

Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree

USDA Zones 5-10

Li Jujube Tree Li Jujube Tree

USDA Zones 5-10

Bing Cherry Tree Bing Cherry Tree

USDA Zones 5-8