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Strawberry Trees

Two types of strawberry trees are grown in the United States: the Chinese and the European strawberry tree. The Chinese strawberry tree grows larger in the garden, up to 15 feet tall and 15 ft wide, densely covered with leaves with an increasing productive capacity of ripening berries each year as the tree matures. The trees are self pollinating, and the twigs contain thorns that disappear as the tree ages as the hard bark replaces them.

Chinese Strawberry Tree Chinese Strawberry Tree

USDA Zones 7-9

  • Strawberry & other Fruit Trees
    The strawberry tree is very easy to grow and can withstand drought or extreme cold. Strawberry trees also thrive on the coast of the United States and it is salt water tolerant. The berries are easy to pick and grow in thick dense clusters with bright shiny leaves.
  • European Strawberry Tree
    In Europe the rusty brown bark of the European Arbutus Strawberry tree begins to peel during the spring to reveal new bright green bark tissue that remains smooth and ornamental until the next season.
  • Chinese Strawberry Tree
    A unique characteristic of the strawberry is that young trees are covered with sharp thorns, but these thorns disappear as the tree ages and the bark becomes woody.