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Siam Ruby Banana Tree

Siam Ruby Banana Tree

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Small offsets of the Siam Ruby Banana Tree can not stand very cold temperatures, however, the 15 gallon size plants (6 feet up) can easily survive the winters in zone 8 or above or when grown in greenhouses. Every leaf of the Siam Ruby Banana appears to have a unique color pattern, some speckled with spots. other part green, some with green spots, some with red spots, and still others with green or red striping.•     Many of the first leaves that appear from the base of the Siam Ruby Bananas are green, but most of the leaves turn part red or deep red in a short time, due to the presence in the leaves of anthocyanin pigmentation. The most spectacular red leaf variegated banana tree is the Siam Ruby Banana that was recently found growing as a mutation in Thailand, a country that was called Siam last century. Sometimes an offset Siam Ruby Banana will retain its all-green color and revert to the original parental form, but this is very rare. The Siam Ruby appears to endlessly form offsets, especially the large 15 gallon plants, and therefore, this banana cultivar is especilly promising to appear rapidly in the nursery trade as a highly productive cultivar.