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Oleander Plants

The oleander tree can also grow as a bush, depending on the cultivar selected. This evergreen flowering plant grows well in zones 8,9, and 10, and is very salt water tolerant, flowering in many color shades of yellow, white and purple. The most popular colors are scarlet-red and pink and flourishes in the poorest soil profiles, even beach sand. This no maintenance plant flowers continuously from spring until late fall and can be planted as excellent privacy barrier hedges.

  • Pink Oleander Trees
    Oleanders are among the most salt water tolerant plants of all, and will flourish only a few feet behind the sand dunes
  • Flowering Oleander Plants
    Oleander Trees offer evergreen beauty and vibrant colors. Very beautiful trees that grow up to 25 feet tall in large clumps, but in Europe certain cultivars form a single trunk. These tree are salt water tolerant, and they are easy to grow.
  • Landscaping with Oleander Trees
    Oleander is one of the easiest, most beautiful plants to grow in any garden. It tolerates and thrives in poor soil and does not need much attention or water. Oleander is evergreen, providing privacy and beauty year-round.