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Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime

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The leaves and also the outer skin of the Kaffir Lime trees contain scented volatile oils that are particular to the Kaffir lime. The flavor and fragrance of food dishes containing Kaffir limes cannot be duplicated by any other lime or citrus fruit. The juice of the Kaffir lime is extremely sour with a bitter aftertaste and, therefore, must be used with caution in drinks and oriental food dishes to avoid extreme sourness. Kaffir Lime, Citrus hystrix, came from the orient with its small lime fruit that is very dark green and the rind has a bumpy appearance much like Ponderosa lemons. For centuries the Kaffir lime fruit and in Kaffir lime leaves have been actively used in flavoring alcoholic drinks and is oriental food preparations. A true Kaffir Lime tree leaf is small with a distinctive flavor and aroma that is often used in the preparation of thai and other southeast Asian dishes.

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