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Crinum asiaticum 'Variegata' Crinum

Crinum asiaticum 'Variegata' Crinum

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The seed of the variegated Crinum asiaticum are fertile and prolific, however, the quality of seedling flowers in unpredictable, and for insurance, it is safer to buy an established bulb from a known clone that was vegetatively reproduced from certified clones of this Asiaticum mutation. Very few flowers can bloom every month during the year like Crinum asiaticum. The Asiaticum crinum Lily bulb is one of the largest known bulbs, weighing in at 25 pounds, and is very popular because it blooms even in winter if grown in a greenhouse. The leaves are almost flat, several inches wide and for the most part erect.

•  The special clone of TyTy Nursery Crinum Asiaticum bulbs produce flower stems that rise above the foliage unlike other seedling asiaticum clones. Because the Crinum asiaticum is everblooming and evergreen, it is a favorite flower to plant at coastal resorts along the Georgia and Florida Sea Coast beaches. As the Crinum asiaticum matures the bulb splits in half to reproduce, then this special crinum bulb spreads to form giant clumps of flowers.

•  Unlike any other crinum the Asiaticum Crinum stalk can be reproduced by cutting off the stalk and rooting it in sand. The Asiaticum Clone produces long flower stems with 20 or more flowers raised high above the leaves. TyTy received the special Asiaticum Long Crinum bulb clone from a grower in Hawaii. Every hybridizer should have another bulb of Asiaticum Long Crinum Lily for great results with fast results. Buy a Asiaticum Crinum Lily today and enjoy these unique flowers in only one growing season.

•  The Crinum asiaticum is also called the 'Grand Crinum Lily', known in the Southern United States as one of the choicest garden lily selections. The 6 inch flowers are spidery with fragile delicate petals, white and linear that reflex backwards into a graceful arc.