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Blood Orange Tree Tree

Blood Orange Tree Tree

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As a dwarf rootstock grafted orange tree, the Blood orange provides a unique tropical citrus tree that can be containerized in Northern states to move inside the home once the cold temperatures arrive. The flavor of the Blood orange is sweeter and less acidic than most other oranges and the taste of the pulp and orange juice reminds one of the cool berry flavor so popular and delicious. The colors of red and purple on the Moro Blood orange make this dwarf citrus tree cultivar extremely popular in markets as a choice citrus fruit for a culinary chef to use as a garnish on salads and desserts. The Moro Blood orange is seedless, easy to peel for sampling that rich intense flavor that made the Blood orange famous. The color of the Blood orange if picked when ripe from the tree is a variable red but the color will intensify to a maroon and then a deep purple if the blood oranges are left on the trees longer, the coloring pigment anthocyanin being responsible.