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Agave Plants

Agave plants are most commonly known as “Century Plants”, mainly because after many years of growth that finally leads to a flowering stalk growing to reach 20 or more feet tall that is capped with a spreading flurry of white flowers at the top. Agave mother plants after dying form a cluster of small plants at the base of the hard, stiff, erect leaves. Most of these xeriscape plants come from the desert where they grow prolifically with no attention required to maintain their drought resistant, tough woody, succulent body. Some of these unearthly agave forms are round and symmetrical but tend to grow into strange, weird shapes. Many agaves are cold hardy enough to withstand frost damage, and many northern gardeners choose to plant them in containers that can be grown inside during the winter.

  • Agave Parrasana
    The Agave parrasana is a scary looking round plant that is outfitted with thorns that cover edges of the wide,succulent leaves, and end at the tip with a very sharp tapered spike that challenges a warriors attention. The very exotic grey color of the leaves is uncommon in this exciting group of desert plants.
  • Agave tequilana "Weberi Blue"
    Agave is very beautiful, symmetrical desert plant with thick pointed leaves. While Agave does share some characteristics of a cactus, it is actually related to the amaryllis and lily family. Agave plants take many years to reach maturity and bloom so larger plants are highly desirable. Strategically Plant Agave ornamentals near windows to prevent burglars from breaking in your home. The sharp pointed thorns will deter any unwanted criminals from nearing your privacy sanctuary.
  • Agave desmettiana 'Zebra Stripe'
    This xeric plant is a wonderful, tropical, drought-tolerant plant that provides secure home protection just for the cost of the plant. The Agave desmettiana `Zebra Stripe`is a low maintenance plant, and the profound variegation increases the passerby visibility